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A responsible drink
with a fresh taste

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    About the drink

    Norr is a thirst quenching functional drink with a precise mixture of substances that will help your body to rehydrate. Exercise, heat and stress may dehydrate your body but with the right amount of salts and minerals you will quickly rehydrate your system. Norr is a fresh and tasty drink containing a minimal amount of sugar that will do just that - quench your thirst and rehydrate your system.

    About Norr

    Water, fructose, acidity regulator (citric acid), potassium citrate, sodium citrate, natural flavourings, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), colouring foods and emulsifier

    About Norr

    Norr contains a well measured amount of sodium, a mineral which will have most effect on your uptake of liquid. When dehydrated it is important that water is combined with sodium in order enhance the uptake of liquid.
    Norr is best consumed before, during or after physical activities, or in warm climates. The small amount of fructose gives Norr the right taste and character. The amount of fructose in one bottle of Norr equals the amount of fructose in two apples. During especially strenuous physical activities, where carbohydrates is important for performance, a bottle of Norr can be combined with another source of carbohydrate to create an effective sports drink.

    02 Lemon/Elderflower, 08 Blackcurrant berry, 04 Lemon/Ginger, 07 Pineapple/Grapefruit

    One for one

    For every bottle of Norr sold, we have committed to donate one unit of Oral Rehydrations Salts (ORS). We say unit, because we know that ORS is most effective when combined with zinc tablets. We are also aware that clean water is highly valuable and we will therefore ensure that each sachet of ORS only contain the necessary amount mixable with the optimal amount of water. On our website we will always keep you updated on amount of units donated.


    ‘This is not about charity;
    this is about what we can achieve — together.’

    Our story

    Our goal was to produce a drink of high quality with a sustainable twist that could make a real difference in people's lives. A product with only the necessary ingredients, that would be kind to your teeth and with a low sugar content. In other words, something that we couldn't find on the market.

    Together with our nutritionist we developed Norr, a thirst quenching drink with a fresh taste and perfect balanced sodium that helps your body rehydrate and retain fluids.

    When developing the product we were constantly confronted with articles and reports documenting the huge need for Oral Rehydration Salts in many areas around the world. One child per minute dies in illnesses related to thirst and dehydration, something which easily could have been prevented if ORS had been available.

    As entrepreneurs we have always been fascinated, and impressed, by companies that have used their commercial business as a way to give back to society. We are therefore proud to be able to do just that. For every bottle Norr sold we will donate a unit of ORS to those who need it the most. All our donations are done through organisations such as UNICEF and Save the Children. Together we will rehydrate the world.

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